Many people experienced burnout from working remotely because of the ongoing COVID-19.  Even team leaders are having difficulty to manage team from a distant. Here are helpful ways to manage team amidst this pandemic.

First and foremost, team leaders should clearly communicate to their team their goals and plans for the upcoming days. With this, the team has a clear path on what they need to work on. However, as human as we are, we should still consider today’s situation. As a leader, do not be too bossy but imbibe empathy to your team. Even you are from a far, manifest to your team the care they needed as a team leader.

Importantly, while working, it is essential to check on them if how they are doing their work, especially today that most people are confined in their respective houses. Learn to ask them if they feel that they feel significant on what they are doing.

Moreso, Paul Wolfe, senior vice president of HR at Indeed, one of the biggest online recruitment site, emphasized that goal-based work is efficient today than companies measuring the number of hours that the employees work.

“Giving people the ability to manage their work lives is a really powerful thing,” he says. 

As mentioned earlier, team leader should be emphatic. Not all people can manage their work at home compared to the office. Individual work pattern should also be considered.

He advises managers and team leaders to breakdown projects into short and long term deliverables.

He believes that company that measure goals rather than hours has boost loyalty and engagement to its people.

Interestingly, Sam Walton, CEO of Walmart reminded companies that if you look after your people, people will look after you as well. 

Respectively, employment engagement stimulates value creation within the company.