Doing side hustles is common nowadays since the pandemic started. A lot of people appreciated the benefits of having multiple income streams. But starters are wondering on how to balance work with side hustles. No worries because Nikki Taylor, CEO of Italy Property Consulting, will share some helpful tips on how to keep your willpower to manage both work and side hustle.

A full-time job or day-time job only requires 8 hours a day. The rest of your day can be allotted to other matters like pursuing your own business or capitalizing on your other skills. Multi-million dollar companies started as side hustles. One of the most important tips that will make you successful in managing your job with a side hustle is your mindset.

Choosing the right mindset will make difficult things easier for you in the long-run. “Mindset plays a powerful role in our success in anything we do,” says Taylor. Businesses have their ups and downs. But what’s keep them going is their mindset.

People with a developing mindset think and react to information differently. This type of population treats setbacks as opportunities.

Apart from choosing the right mindset, setting your ‘why’ to pursue your side hustle matters most. This will be your ultimate driver ones you experienced shortcomings along the process. Your why will remind you of why you started your side hustle. It is what motivates your passion and creativity.

Taylor also emphasized the importance of making up-leveling and upskilling part of your regular repartee. This means you need to learn new things each day. New learnings generate a new perspective on life.

In order to balance work with side hustles, you need to focus on what is essential for you. Sometimes we spend more time binge-watching on Netflix and scrolling social media news feed rather than focusing on working on our dreams.