“Your company does not become great for having great people. Companies become great when they protect their people,” Simon Sinek, an author of Start with Why, stated. This article explains why great companies prioritize their people rather than their position in the industry. 

The book of Simon Sinek impacted people’s perspectives regarding great leaders and companies alike. He emphasized in his book how companies were able to thrive when their ‘whys’ are established.

Moreover, most companies adopted Sinek’s Golden Circle. It helps companies to establish and radiate their “whys” effectively. 

When companies’ whys are clear to their people, employees come to work with a higher sense of purpose. Therefore, they find it easier to find opportunities even when they face difficulty. They are less likely to give up after failing because they understand the higher cause.

Accordingly, when employees are being protected by their company by all cost, they work passionately in achieving business goals.

By protecting employees, the company fosters trust from its people rather than prioritizing its revenue to rise.

“Great organizations don’t just drive profits, they lead people, and they change the course of the industries and sometimes our lives,” Simon said.

The success behind the lifestyle brand, Apple, was attributed to the leadership of Steve Jobs. He was able to balance in empowering his people and leading by example. He nurtures relationships with his people and stays throughout the growth and the development of the business.

Further, studies conducted by the Queens School of Business and by the Gallup Organization showed that highly engaged employees enjoyed 100% more job applications. Even more, employees that are valued and secured are more likely to engage.

“If their [employees] focus is on your benefits it will be easier to sway your team away from following you for them to pursue other opportunities. However, if they experience sustained, positive and personal benefits such as good jobs, a comfortable income, development opportunities, personal time to enjoy life outside of work and a caring and rewarding work environment, then a strong emotional and psychological bond can be formed,” Louis Efron, leadership strategist, said.

Do you know why you become stressed when you are working? Because you work hard for something you do not care about. Interestingly, passion comes in when you work hard for something you love.

“Happy employees ensure that customers are satisfied. Thus, happy customers ensure that shareholders are happy,” Simon stated in his book.

Herb Keller, the visionary behind Southwest Airline, explained that if employees are treated right, they treat the outside world right. The outside world uses the company’s product again, that makes shareholders happy. That really is the way that it works and it’s not a conundrum at all.

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