Pitching products or ideas has various ways to be effective to your audience. This article will share tips on how to pitch through storytelling.

Storytelling does not mean you need to prepare some skits or to be a stand-up comedian. This means that you need to highlight some points in order to give more emphasis on what you are proposing.

The following are ideal ways to persuade your ideas through storytelling:

  1. Radiate emotions

Investors might forget your products or ideas but the emotions you leave will be remembered. Think about how your solutions can generate a positive impact or remove negative ones. Keep in mind that 90% of decision makings are based on emotions, according to a study . But of course, logic is there for justification.

2. Be genuine

You can’t do tip number 1 without being genuine. As you pitch, you need to gain the trust of your audience by being truthful. This how you can enhance your pitch through storytelling. Your audience should not only see your product but they can also see you through what you are pitching.

Being genuine will enable you to build a good relationship with your audience which is the core in business.

3. State your purpose

To enhance your integrity, you also need to state your purpose. How can your products or ideas contribute to a higher purpose? Do your products uplift the livelihoods of the communities within us? Narrate to your audience and make them appreciate what you envision.

4. Emphasize your passion

Emphasizing your passion is one way on how to pitch effectively. When investors do not sense that you are passionate about what you are doing, it is clear to them that your proposed solution is not sustainable.

You may always here similar objectives during a business pitch: to reduce cost, to improve efficiencies, to nurture business growth but it is through your personal realization that will impact the decision of the investors.

5. Include specific person/s

By including specific people, your audience will know that your story is real. No matter if it is you, your boss, family members, or customers. As long as it is human.

6. Consider testimonials

In connection to tip number 5, considering testimonials will increase the reliability of your solutions. Feedbacks assess the quality of your products and services that will give investors an idea that your solution has been tested and proven by other people.

Storytelling in pitching ideas does not entail to be lengthy. Using this technique does not substitute the traditional way of pitching but complementing it. All in all, investors will look at financial and comparative analyses alongside on how this solution impacts the internal and external stakeholders.

Source: https://www.inc.com/martin-zwilling/six-ways-to-use-storytelling-to-enhance-your-pitch.html