Are you planning to start your company someday? Never let go of that dream. Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company, imparted his advice on how to make your company successful. In the world full of entrepreneurs, not all can survive in the long-run.

Courage, inspiration, respect, judgment, wellness, and loyalty are values that Walker set as a foundation for his company. He uses these qualities for hiring decisions for attaining talents.

“I will always hire a potential jerk who shares my values above a nice person who doesn’t,” Walker said. “If our values don’t match, there’s no level of management that will change that.”

Prioritizing to radiate values than raising money makes the company last long. Walker highlighted the danger of venture capital firms that focus mainly on increasing money. According to him, this type of business grow fast and exit immediately.

For him, having a company is beyond earning money. It’s all about impacting the world. This type of mindset makes entrepreneurs successful as well.

Importantly, business leaders see themselves as someone who are motivational and a problem solver.

Respectively, when pulling for people who will help you achieve your company’s goals, it is ideal that they also have the values that you set for your company.

To make your company successful, it important to hire people who you can treat as business partner relatively to how traditional management treat their employees. Keep in mind that your people is the key to achieve your company’s success.

At the end of the day, it is easy to exit jobs than your values. When your people do not appreciate what they are doing, you will have a lesser chance to make your company successful.