Since most businesses and companies are affected by Coronavirus, the majority of the local stores closed and some employees were laid off. People started to pivot to survive today’s pandemic. Thus, a rise of start-up businesses occurred. So this article provides simple and helpful ways to increase sales for start-up businesses.

Before anything else, these ways are beyond marketing talks. These ideas focus more on capturing partners and life-long customers from Colin Dowling.

When you want to increase sales, make sure that your products and services are useful and valuable. According to Colin Dowling, an entrepreneur, described that sellers should aim to help people out through their services and products.

“Send interesting posts. Write birthday cards. Record videos sharing your ideas for growing their business. Introduce people who would benefit from knowing each other then get out of the way, expecting nothing in return. Do this consistently and authentically and people will find ways to give you money. I promise,” Dowling stated in his comment on Hacker News.

People will see the worth of your business when the goal of your business is to help others rather than aiming for profit. That’s why there’s a significant growth of consumers that prefer to purchase their needs from social enterprises.

Social enterprises invest in people rather than profit because this type of business aims to solve the challenges of the world. This is timely nowadays because some people started their businesses in order to provide a source of income for others.

Importantly, another way to increase sales for start-up businesses is to sell products and services that can currently solve problems.

“No one cares about your quota, your payroll, your opex, your burn rate, etc. No one. They care about the problem you are solving for them” Dowling said.

More so, the majority spend money on buying time, making money, protecting money, obtaining desires, peace of mind, approval, assurance. When you have products that aren’t connected with these, you will have a hard time making revenues.