At a young age, one should not be afraid to start their business. It is through being an entrepreneur that people can further venture things that they want to do in life. This article explains why you should start your business in your 20’s.

Zack Leitz, the 24-year-old co-founder, and chief operating officer of Modl Outdoors, imparted his experience in doing business and how he started it.

“I believe in the tremendous power of young people to dream and innovate, and I think many young people underestimate their ability to start and scale a business at any age,” Leitz stated in an article in Entrepreneur.

Modl Outdoors is a company that provides essential items to be used daily outdoors. According to Leitz, “in a perfect world, what Modl Outdoor can offer is have a smaller amount of gear that will get you through a larger amount of situations in life. 

Further, Leitz started his business because he was fond of doing outdoor activities and he really wanted to be an entrepreneur. Moreover, he wanted to let other people connect with nature through outdoor activities the way they had it.

Importantly, Leitz shared the time when he realized that he does not have enough knowledge of doing his business. Just because you are fond of doing it, it does not mean it has a guarantee that you can do your business easily.

Since Leitz was young back then, he surrounded himself with people who know more about his business. He used the Upwork community and even Alibaba to gain some network and help in manufacturing Modl Outdoors ‘products.

When you start your business in your 20’s you have more time to learn and explore the horizon of your business until you can attain the most desirable business model. You have more time and resources to try until you are satisfied.

“I think that there is some sort of pressure to spend our twenties chasing expensive job titles, chasing pay raises. But spend that time learning as much as you can about the world, as much as you can about yourself and the role that you want to play in the world,” Leitz said.

“The core thing that we can get out of our twenties is understanding our why. Why we exist. What we want to accomplish. And then from our late twenties onwards for the rest of our lives, that is our time to be accomplishing that,” he added.