Social enterprises are prominent in promoting and focusing on sustainability than chasing profits. With the ongoing pandemic, the world needs a positive impact brought by social entrepreneurs. So, here are beneficial ways on how social entrepreneurs mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

Social entrepreneurs help socially disadvantaged communities hit by the pandemic. Today’s pandemic worsens the situation of disadvantaged communities. Social entrepreneurs are in a good position to improve the situations of the said communities.

“Social entrepreneurs are ready, able, and willing to reach underserved groups—in many cases, they already have reached into these communities,” Willy Foote stated on Forbes

“By leveraging those connections, we can help flatten the disproportionate impacts of this pandemic,” the report added.

  1. Social entrepreneurs innovate solutions to improve the education and employment of communities.

The government continues to mitigate economic and health shocks. Thus, another way how social entrepreneurs mitigate the effects of COVID-19 is to innovate solutions that will improve the matters most to the communities which employment and education.

Citizen Schools, a social enterprise, helped young adults by discussing the pandemic-related challenge of students’ education and wellbeing in the age of distance learning.

“Citizen Schools is mobilizing volunteers to offer additional support to middle school students across the country in ways that are engaging, joyful, and skill-building,” Emily McCann, CEO of Citizen Schools, stated.

  1. Social entrepreneurs rebuild society by solving systemic gaps.

Further, social enterprises do not only help communities but also address systematic gaps to rebuild society amidst the effects of COVID-19. Social entrepreneurs continue to make bold actions to reform society.

By making society better to improve the quality of lives, social entrepreneurs can certainly mitigate the disruption brought by COVID-19.