With today’s pandemic, various entrepreneurs are holding back to start their own companies. As they said, people prioritize to be liquid and avoid spending much today. However, there are undervalued reasons why you need to start your business amidst today’s situation.

“Right now is the best time to start a new business. Unfortunately, many potential founders, like my friend, are fearful,” Kevin Kelly, technology futurist stated in the Entrepreneur report.

Kevin is one of the people who believe that crisis is also an opportunity. Multi-dollar companies like Uber, Airbnb, Groupon, WhatsApp, and more started to thrive during the recession in 2008.

All the more, with today’s situation, you can start your business today because barriers to entry were lowered. The prominent companies aim not to compete nowadays but to survive.

Moreover, the current situation made talented people available for you to hire. Why? The job market has a lot of supplies since many companies laid-off. Thus, skilled and talented people also lowered their fees to acquire a job and even side-hustles.

If you pursue your business or company today, you can easily recruit the people you desire the most. Interestingly, you are not only helping the people around you but also the economy. Businesses create job opportunities allowing people to increase their buying power.

The current situation is attributed to lower the fixed costs which your company and business need. The ongoing reduction of real estate prices is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to purchase. Not to mention, even leases nowadays were made affordable.

Another reason why you need to start your business today is the adaptiveness of consumers People nowadays are willing to try new products as long as the company offers great value. If you are planning to pursue a business that advocates wellness, people have the willingness to pay for it.

As an aspiring business leader, be notified of the things that customers value in today’s new normal. This can help you with how you can strategize your business.