Did you know that most successful businesses evoke emotions through their ads and campaigns? The key to innovative marketing is through sharing life-changing stories with your audience. Thus, a lot of multi-million dollar companies communicate their purpose. Why? Because they disrupt the status quo.

Nike, a well-known Sports apparel company, focuses on innovating culture rather than its products. The company changes how consumers behave by emphasizing why they need to buy their products.

In one of the campaigns of Nike entitled “Find Your Greatness”, the narrator stated that “greatness is not in one special place. The underlying idea is that we are all capable of the extraordinary; no one has to be part of the elite to push beyond their limits. Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it”.

Nike’s innovative marketing strategy is to create stories that induce emotions to capture a wider audience and potential customers.

“We’ve always believed that to succeed with the consumer, you have to wake him up. He’s not going to walk in and buy the same stuff he always has or listen to the same thing he’s always heard,” Nike CEO Phil Knight said in a 1992 interview.

Further, what your customers value reflects on how unique you are among the others. What strengthens your brand image is how you communicate your purpose and how your customers share with other people their experiences with your products.

Innovative marketing is important because it challenges your promotional team on how to create more value for your business. Keep in mind that walking what you talk about improves your value proposition. Disruption of business starts when you practice the values that your company promotes.

Source: /https://www.corporateculturepros.com/strong-organizational-culture-how-nike-drives-innovation/