China has ventured to execute quality data through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Kai Fu Lee, author of AI Superpowers, will share the transformation of China through AI adoption.

Further, Lee stated that China is no longer a copycat but an innovator. Most businesses in China optimized their business opportunities by making sense of their big quality data. The use of AI and robotics made their business operations more convenient.

According to Lee, the trend of AI moves toward monopoly because of the reliance on data. Obtained data can be used to make even better products that may lead to more users.

With the rising digital transformation, people begin to be threatened. The anxiety brought about by the robots replacing the job of the human is rampant. But Lee emphasized that “when it comes to
shaping the story of AI, we humans are not just passive spectators, we are the authors of it”.

The paradigm shift of AIs and robots made China’s economy to prosper even more. Start-ups were able to be fast, flexible, and open to experimentation. In an interview with Forbes, Lee explained the advantages of China in using AI.

“TikTok is a great example of China’s natural advantage. The company has leveraged huge amounts of data in China to develop an interface that shows you videos that become attractive and even addictive for you to use. And then, gathering all that data, TikTok uses it to bootstrap in the U.S. and other countries, and create similar experiences for different audiences. AI lets TikTok deliver a targeted experience with each individual and thus gathers data for constant iteration,” Lee said.

Interestingly, the success of adopting AI is attributed to the abundance of data, tenacious entrepreneurs, well-trained AI scientists, and a supportive policy environment. Respectively, China aims to be the global leader of AI in 2030. Thus, the transformation of China through AI adoption is inevitable.

Moreover, Lee imparted how AI addressed the educational system of China. Since the country is faced with limited teachers, AI rendering virtual teachers help the students to learn English online. Accordingly, the power of innovation increases the engagement of students online by making the teachers as cartoon characters. By this, the students will become more interested in the subject matter.