A young entrepreneur that proves that millennials are paving their way to becoming the most entrepreneurial generation ever, meet Michael Vicente.

Michael Vicente, a tech entrepreneur from the Philippines currently based in the USA, is one of the promising young adults under 30 today. Inspired by his mom, who’s a nurse, as a child, he thought he would become a surgeon. Little did he know his footsteps would bring him to a whole different journey — a career in technology management and digital strategy.

It’s amazing how the Internet has changed a lot of lives over the years. What makes it more fascinating is how entrepreneurs keep getting younger and younger. It is said that we are now in the Golden Age of entrepreneurship, and the millennials are rapidly changing today’s business landscape.

In the world of technology, a door opens every day, especially to those who strive to become successful in their way. For this late 20’s tech entrepreneur, success comes when you contributed to the success of others.

In 2008, Michael and his friend from East-Asia saw an opportunity in digital marketing. They realized that their websites are getting traction due to the efficient use of different digital channels and strategies. Soon, they started their business doing digital strategy, internet marketing, and search engine optimization.

In 2011, he founded Davao Eagle Online, a local online marketplace dedicated to the people of Davao Region in the Philippines. A year after its launch, the website transitioned into an online community for bloggers, news writers, and local content creator sharing their own experiences on the Internet. The community empowered content creators achieved numerous of awards like Globe Excellence Award Blogger of The Year and the Social Media Campaign of the Year.

Motivated by his passion for helping others to succeed, Michael serves as an inspiration to his team. He believes that success isn’t just about reaching your goals but doing what makes you happy. To him, happiness is a success.

He thinks that understanding what’s ahead of you determines your effort in achieving your dreams. 

To achieve long-term success, consistency in improving, and the urge of learning is the key.” — Michael Vicente

He also believes that thanking the people who supported and helped you in all your challenges is as imperative. He values people as he values business.

Being in the industry, as he said, allows him to develop more ideas because of the demand for innovation, scalability, and emerging technology. That in this digital age, where the Internet affects people in many ways, online and digital solutions need to create new things that help improve the quality of life. Thus, most of his works involve social issues and causes.

While the digital industry continues to inspire the world through social media and the web, the millennials are paving their way to becoming the most entrepreneurial generation ever-changing the world through social entrepreneurship.

From a student who once just wanted a social community for his peers, Michael Vicente became a role model in creating opportunities for the passionate and driven young generation. His advice to the youth who are passionate about their crafts, “Start young and don’t be afraid to try and learn new things. Continue to dream big, your passion drives your life.”

Visit his official website at MichaelVicente.com, where he showcases his projects, stories, and ideas related to innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and digital strategy. His site also features management and leadership books, articles, and videos.